Home bound and cabin-fevered

After my kidney stones surgery, I am home-bound for a couple more weeks, since they had to replace the stents between my kidneys and my bladder. Such a pain (literally!). But I'm feeling a lot better, except for the occasional pain in the bathroom! LOL

I'm sitting here freezing my ass off, because they're busy replacing all my windows in the house. Bad time for it, but I guess it could be worse. Could be the middle of August and 100 degrees outside. At least this way, I just need to wear a jacket.

Of course, to keep her from getting trampled, I had to put Mattie, the pug puppy, in her crate. She's been really good about it, but she gets so excited when someone talks to her. As soon as they get the windows put in the upstairs, I'll let her out to run in the bedroom/office.

Yes, I realize I'm rambling, but it's what I do!


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